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Project SOAR
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Student Opportunities, Access and Readiness. 

Project SOAR (Student Opportunities, Access and Readiness) focuses on students between the ages of five (5) and nineteen (19) years old, who attend elementary, middle and high schools in Dane County. Project SOAR is designed to provide sustained mentoring and wrap-around support services that result in constructive development and positive outcomes of those served.

Education Coaching

Project SOAR provides paid and volunteer educational coaching and tutoring services to mentees. Project SOAR educational coaches instruct students on subjects in which they may be struggling with in the classroom such as mathematics, reading, science and social studies. Individually or in small groups, Project SOAR educational coaches endeavor to motivate and inspire Project SOAR mentees to develop a lifelong love of learning and education. In addition, educational coaches may assign homework to students to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom and may schedule field trips for participating youth to provide learning experiences outside of the classroom.

Career Academy
Project SOAR - Career Academy - Group Po

The Project SOAR Career Academy (in cooperation with our partners) is a comprehensive approach to enable youth to connect the opportunities afforded by education experiences with their career aspirations and goals.

Exposure to careers involving; construction, education, medical services, police science, information technology, fire science, entrepreneurship, accounting, dentistry, armed services, transportation,  fine arts, etc. are scheduled to be covered. The goal of this activity is to afford students the opportunity to gain a positive self-perception, identify SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) career goals, develop skills to influence others and build a support network.

Students via the Success Academy (in cooperation with our partners) will experience at least 32 hours covering more non-traditionally academic topics that relate to their real-life responsibilities and interests.

Project SOAR - Success Academy - Group P

Topics to be covered are; manhood, family, relationships, religion, parenthood, school, financial literacy, gangs, athletics, nutrition, etc. The goal of this activity is to afford students the opportunity to gain a positive self-perception and better understand their potential, identify SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals, develop skills to influence others and build a support network.

Career Academy
"I Can" Internship Project

This opportunity introduces high school students in the Madison area to the professional world of work. Students are provided the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field of their choice, while being compensated for this exposure. Students are asked to engage in high level work experiences involving graphic design, community engagement, writing, research, accounting, data management and more.


Program Objectives include:
• First-hand exposure to valuable work experience
• Appreciation of the “do’s and don’ts”
• A better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses
• Opportunity to improve social and emotional skills
• And, the formulation of a base of knowledge that will afford informed decision making

Community Partners:

Success Academy
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