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"Reading and Math are Equity” is an academic skills development program for students of Greater Madison who are not achieving at their full potential in the areas of reading and math.


The focus these programs are to advance academic performance in the core skills of reading (and comprehension), writing, and math.

100 Scholars

The initial roll out of this program was staged 26 February – 14 May, 2022 at Northside Elementary Community Schoolof the Sun Prairie Area School District. 100 Scholars (Grades K – 3rd) who participate in this program attended ten (10) Saturday four – hour sessions during the academic year.

The curriculum emphasized reading fluency and reading comprehension with activities that focus on higher-level critical thinking questions to engage students’ interest and sharpen their reading comprehension skills. The writing activities are designed to help students discover how to identify patterns within words to enable them read and write the words correctly. Math concepts instruction is predicated on a combination of fun kinesthetic, visual, sensory, and repetition strategies to build proficiency and confidence in math computation.

Learning is not the same for everyone. This program recognizes these differences and teaches students how to learn. The intended outcome of this program is that by addressing practical learning skills, Scholars of this program will begin to learn on par with their peers and then exceed their peers academically.

Click on the Image below to watch the video of the 100 Scholars at Sun Prairie Area School District

Reading and Math are Equity Feature Photo_edited.jpg

Algebra Academy

See The Matriculation of these students though the program above...

Technology Empowerment

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