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Helping Those Who Help Others

Providing Food Security During COVID-19

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Sable Flames Inc.

Sable Flames Inc. is a non-profit organization of African-American full-time firefighters of Dane County.  The mission of the organization is to provide support, knowledge and leadership to its members as well as all members of the fire service. 

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With the closure of school and the establishment of social distancing, the guarantee of daily provision of nutritional food (breakfast & lunch), in a sanitary and secure environment and paid individuals to provide nurturing & support have been greatly curtailed for all K- 12 students and in far to many instances totally removed for many.

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Helping Those Who Help Others is a collaborative project of the 100 Black Men of Madison and the Sable Flames Inc, a non-profit organization of African-American full-time firefighters of Dane County.

Fresh Produce

How It Works

Monies for the purchase of non perishable food is a dollar for dollar match from both organizations. 

We identify potential recipients and their nutritional needs. From that list, both organizations determine which of the candidates will be finalists.

Food is then procured by Sable Flame members during the same time period that they purchase groceries for their respective fire houses.

Immediately following the purchase, the food is then delivered by the firefighters to the designated needy families. 

If funds are available, the current goal is to provide food to 100 low income families between now and mid-October.

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