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Health & Wellness
The Ubuntu Program for Emotional Wellness

“Mentoring The 100 Way Across A Lifetime” involves exposure to a Virtual Mentee Curriculum designed to provide participating youth, tools and skills they can use to

With the support of the Anthem Foundation, the 100 Black Men of Madison conducts the Ubuntu Program for Emotional Wellness in area Middle Schools. The Ubuntu Program is divided into 4 Ubuntu Workshops that are held separately or together.


Each of the 4 Ubuntu Workshops take about an hour to complete, including discussion time:

Wellness Programs - Diagram.png

The focus of this activity is to initiate conversations about stress and how it affects everyday behavior.

“What's Up With Opioids?”

In response to the opioid addiction crisis devastating communities across our Community, the 100 Black Men of Madison conduct “What's Up With Opioids?” seminars at selected middle and high area schools associated with Project SOAR.

Psychological Counseling

Project SOAR provides paid psychological counseling services to mentees. This service is provided to help elementary, middle and high school youth overcome learning and social issues.

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