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MARCH 30 Candidate Forum

March 31 Wednesday Candidate Forum 2021
Strengthen your Community. Inform your vote.

The Candidate Forum is a platform designed to provide one of the most accessible forms of economic self-empowerment: the facilitation of an educated vote.

This event is originally staged to provide members of Communities of Color the opportunity to hear from candidates seeking their vote in a community setting where people of color live and work. Typically, candidate forums in Dane County are staged in locations where people of color do not live or work.  


Additionally, this event is presented to encourage and inspire all citizens to vote in the upcoming election for whomever that deem worthy of their vote.

While the voter turnout for recent elections proved to be record-breaking, we still have work to do and progress to maintain. Our forums are hosted in our communities with a main principle in mind: voting for local, state, and federal officials and policies is just as much of a personal habit to establish as it is an American right to exercise.

Upcoming Elections and Candidates

Election: 2021 Spring Election

Position: Verona Area School District School Board Member At-large (3 seats up for election).

Who is able to vote for these candidates: Registered Voters within City of Verona Wards 1-9.

  • Double-check who's on your ballot. Click here.

Election Date: April 6, 2021

Event Details

During the forum, each candidate will present information about their qualifications and background to the community in attendance, along with addressing issues currently facing Dane County (or their respective area of jurisdiction). Afterwards, members of the community pre-selected to be panelists will present their questions to the candidates, which they will have a limited amount of time to respond. The forum is concluded with closing remarks from each candidate.

Student-led discussion. All questions presented to the candidates during this forum will be posed by a pre-selected panel composed of Verona High School Students. The forum will not be open to questions from the public.

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