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3000 Families. Connected and Ready.

Adult Students

In the wake of the unprecedented, worldwide onset of the Coronavirus, the associated social distancing protocols and the recent announcements by area schools that “Virtual Learning” will take place at least through the first quarter of the school year.


Predominantly, students of low income homes have not been orientated to computer based learning.  And, more importantly, a significant proportion of those parents have no experience in guiding their children to successfully navigate computer based learning. 


To tackle this challenge, the 100 Black Men, in collaboration with our strategic partners have altered the 26th Annual Back to School Celebration to provide technical and conventional solutions that will assure that a targeted three thousand (3,000) limited-income families will reliably and dependably be able to connect to the internet, hence the title...

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As the beginning of the school year nears, resources have been made available but none prove more critical than a home internet connection. In order to help students and their families secure a connection, Project 3000 will work with families to not only ensure successful installation but also a feasible plan to sustain the service and utilities.


Internet connectivity is currently being secured for families and will continue to be prioritized into the beginning of the school year.

Project 3000 starts with a focus on internet connectivity issues and assurance that all families of which the 100 BMM are involved has reliable broad band service and then provide support to designated whole families concerning the peculiarities and technicalities of virtual/distance learning.

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When appropriate, participating parents and care givers of students involved in the Project 3000 will be provided computer training and support including but not limited to:

  • basic navigation of computers

  • understanding operating systems

  • applications (such as the current virtual learning platform for their children)

  • computer security



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For the course of the “virtual school year” 100 BMM Mentors, Education Coaches and Tutors will:

  • Conduct individual “check in” phone calls with Project 3000 participants, twice a week or as the need arises

  • Conduct group mentoring via teleconference/video conference with designated groups, once a week or as the need arises

  • Conduct individual family support phone calls of all designated BTSC participants, once a week or as the need arises

  • Communicate with a designated representative of each school where a BTSC participant is enrolled, once a week or as the need arises

  • Identify and schedule separate virtual learning support and educational enhancement calls from the appropriate 100 Black Men of Madison Educational Coach for each designated student as required


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