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Your Voice,

Your Wisdom,

Your Direction

In Your Words.

In the wake of the killings of George Floyd and countless other African-Americans, we are once again reminded that a safe and secure environment for ourselves, our children, our parents, our grandparents, our brothers, our sisters, our aunts, our uncles and everyone we know & love is not a reality.


In the aftermath, many sincere expressions of anger, anguish and anxiety have been offered.


To ensure that all voices can be heard, the 100 Black Men of Madison respectfully request that you respond to the following questions and provide a collective response that embodies Your Voice, Your Wisdom, Your Direction in Your Words …


Why People Are Angry

Author and filmmaker Phil Vischer (VeggieTales, What's In The Bible?) breaks down the issues of racial injustice that have progressed throughout America's history to put in perspective why racism against Black Americans is not a thing of the past.



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