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In the wake of the unprecedented, worldwide onset of the Coronavirus, the associated social distancing protocols and the recent reopening plans of our neighboring school districts, the 2020 Back To School Celebration will provide support to families adjusting to a virtual learning platform.


Although virtual learning is employed as the only available option, it remains beyond problematic for the vast majority of at risk children. 


Predominantly, students of low income homes have not been orientated to computer based learning.  And, more importantly, a significant proportion of those parents have no experience in guiding their children to successfully navigate computer based learning.


To tackle this challenge, the 100 Black Men, in collaboration with our strategic partners will alter the 26th Annual Back to School Celebration to provide technical and conventional solutions that will temporarily venture away from the dissemination of backpacks and materials and focus on technological resources that will improve home-learning experience.

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Internet Connectivity
Studying on a Computer
Computer Training
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Virtual Mentoring

Looking to partner with the Back To School Celebration? Email us.

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